The chief printing house in Naracoorte, Hansen Print, has been of great assistance offering guidance and advice. Together Hansen Print and Caught Jester Books produced seven books in the company's five year Naracoorte history.
The books produced by CJB alone are unique. This is because they are printed on a Fuji-Xerox C2200 or ApeosPort-V C3320 copier and tucked inside hard covers using the Unibind bonding system. In this way small runs of a book can be produced. 

One distinct advantage of working as a self-publisher has been that I have been able to choose with whom I work. Thanks to all at Fuji-Xerox, ViaTek, the delightful crew at Hansen Print and 'my' wonderful illustrators.

Harrison Hole Hero, Harrison Hole 8 and Harrison Hole 8.5 : In these books younger readers can read stories in a way that they never have before because the spine is horizontal, not vertical. And they can draw their own illustrations in a hardcover book. What does Harrison Hole look like? It's up to the reader to decide!

 Both  one talk and Uncertain Lives are completely home produced publications.

Characters Illustration