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Missile Annie
Miss Mumford

The Lucindale Players


From very humble beginnings The Lucindale Players grew into an almost reputable amateur theatre group and established a cult following. If you wish to know what sort of frolicking farces this courageous company produced over the years you can  read "Wonderfully Imbecile” – the full length plays of the Lucindale Players 2005-2010.

The Players contribution to the life of Lucindale was recognised when the company was awarded the Australia Day Community Event of the Year - 2011.

In 2012 The Players presented a profoundly polished production of "Possum", the company's final work.

The Poet’s Pen


I started The Poet’s Pen mid 2010 with the intent of gathering like-minded people to write poetry and be supportive of one another in the process. Three volumes of "Espresso Expresso", found their way into Naracoorte's coffee shops. Sadly The Poet’s Pen  ran out of poetical puff in 2013, except for Joyleen Gibbons who continues to write beautiful, lyrical and witty works and is published in the Australian Times. Joyleen, a fine poet and good friend, now lives on the Fleurieu with husband, Phil.


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Mandy Foot

Howdy-do! What great luck for me to able to work with this remarkable illustrator before Lothian Books captured her. For brilliant books, fun and games visit www.mandyfoot.com.au Youll find:
The Wheels on the Bus: Old McDonald had a Farm: All Set for the Big Wet: Come Fly with Captain Kangaroo: Captain Kangaroo and the Great Balloon Race: Below Deck on the Sunken Wreck: Captain Kangaroo and the Big Bush Bash: Captain Kangaroo and the Footy Final: Shut the Duck Up!: Knick Knack Bushwhack: This Little Roo Went to Market: Bums & Tums: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and more!
Many thanks to Matt and Joshy for letting me share Mandy's time, tremendous skills and incredible energy! And, excitingly, there may be another collaboration to come!


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Jody Pratt


"Jody, I need help understanding the process of working with illustrators. Oh, and I like your little girl motif!” And that was all that needed to be said. Jody has been the most caring, positive guide and correspondent possible. How fortunate I have been to stumble across such a wonderful administrator and gifted, expressive creative artist. Oh, and her real life little schoolgirl, curly-haired Abby, when aged 3 bore a striking resemblance to Missile Annie! Or was that the other way around?

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Ro Bancroft

Ro runs Bancroft Art from an idyllic scrubland setting just south of Castlemaine in the Victorian goldfields. A member of Illustrators Australia it was her paper cuts that led her to become a friend of Miss Mumford’s. In return she has introduced me to a bonza blue budgie. 


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Arran McKenna


Arran is a highly talented and creative   Melbourne artist who has been drawing for as long as he could hold a pencil and enjoys using his talents to make people smile and squirm. Purchase the  brilliantly illustrated "Simon Said” and see what I mean!

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Ben Hood


Ben is a gifted graphic designer and musician. Without Ben’s skills "Uncle Chuck is my Hero” would have remained no more than a text by Christmas 2010. Instead it has become something to be treasured by the Brice family. Bricey be strong!
Congratulations Ben upon the numerous and wonderful exploits of the musical and literary giant George the Farmer! Oh, and the political career!

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Daniel Riddle 

Daniel was responsible for the ‘happy’ and the ‘glum’ jesters which adorn the hardback books, the business-card and the reading jesters of the company’s paper. These days his name frequently appears on the big screen, especially if you're watching a Marvel Movie!

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Peter Goers OAM 
Many thanks to Peter who has been very supportive of all that I've written and all for which this humble little company stands. Reading poems on state-wide radio is an absolute joy and one which I hope will continue. Meeting people who have heard the interviews and poems and gained pleasure from both is particularly gratifying. Sincerest thanks  Peter! Oh, and we're now living close to "God's Waiting Room"!

Nigel Ford

Energetic and passionate convenor of Poetry on the Fleurieu, held every second Sunday of the month in the Signal Point Theatrette, Goolwa.

Characters Illustration