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The Kanceroo supported by I'm Confused

The Kanceroo is a creative, caring poetry anthology written specifically for children with cancer, their parents and loved ones. The poems introduce Australian animals whose names and attributes have been changed to refer to specific elements of the cancer 'journey'.
I'm Confused might help you think about the sort of person you could be if you assumed traits from Australian native animals. Confused? There's a fair chance you'll be even more so after you see what sort of Me-Critter Mandy saw me as! [Graphic design by Ash Bennier.]

Poem Contents and Code below

Over $800 from sales has been donated to the Cancer Council SA.

Now $10

Missile Annie/Whinging William will remind you what it's like to be young or to be living with and around young children.
The poems combine to build a picture of the 3 1/2 year old Annie and the 4 year old William as different members of the Cadgee Road (real road) community (not real people) write about them.
The whimsical illustrations by Melbourne artist Jody Pratt complement the poems and change the moods of the characters with no more than a quick flick of brush or pencil! [Graphic Design by Mikaela Jago.]
Over $1100 from sales has been donated to the The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Now $10 

Harrison Hole Hero - provides all the background needed to the characters, the animals, the spirits and the environment of Harrison Hole's wonderfully challenging and charmingly witty world.
Harrison Hole 8 - presents the first three of Harrison's stories.
Harrison at School - No Brainers!
Harrison and Lucinda and the Mountains of Little Significance
Harrison and the Holes dig a hole!
Harrison Hole 8 1/2 - introduces the next three of Harrison's stories which prove that life is never easy if you wish to be a hero!
Harrison and the Art Show Attack Squad
Harrison and Horrible build a boat (and sink it!)
Harrison and the Christmas Concert - No drama
Now $5 for each book. $10 for the whole of this hard-backed series!
Miss Mumford's Mondays is a beautifully illustrated, old-style story picture book. Ro Bancroft greatly enjoyed, and did a great job, bringing Miss Mumford, Michael the budgie, Tristan the Postman, Sourpuss, Waddleduck and the rest of Miss M's menagerie to life. [Graphic design by Ash Jacob.]
Now $10 with bonus 'Days of the Week' pages.
Three Cornered Hat my adult poetry (bordering on PG in places - mostly for adult themes!) Full of comedy, tragedy drama and silliness, hopefully Three Cornered Hat will strike a chord with many readers.
It consists of three separate anthologies - The Way To Dusty Death, A Lesser Life focussing upon my health battles and finally The Word Mugger.[Graphic Design by Mikaela Jago.]
Now $10 
Simon Said - Simon has many skills but he also has one major fear: he is frightened of heights! Who can he call upon to help him find courage? Why, Courage himself! Arran McKenna has brought this story to life brilliantly and provided Simon with the strength to overcome any problem! [Graphic Design by Mikaela Jago.]
Now $10

one talk
Written in 2012 - a poem a day, every day of the year. 7 lines per poem. No more than 7 words per line.
Now $10 for the whole year!

"Animaulia, Animaulia, started creepy, ended crawlier"

What a shame that so many animals come to a sticky end, poisoned, blown up, baked, regurgitated, hit by a propeller, but all in all this book's good sadistic fun! (PS: Some poems are nice)(Graphic Design by Ash Bennier.)

Illustrated by Mandy - we liked the cover painting so much that we chose not to damage it with silly words. 

$10 for hardcover, $10 for soft. 



We begin with three posters which present half of the brilliant colour illustrations of The Kanceroo/I’m Confused” Look for and find, Wom the warrior wombattleon in Wombattleon, Well-dressed Wonka The Wallabe and Fannie and her  fandicoot friends in the third of Mandy Foot’s delightful posters.
Also in poster form comes the colourful centre-spread from Missile Annie/ Whinging William – Chaos at Cadgee Road.
$2 each 


Uncle Chuck is my Hero!


"Uncle Chuck is my Hero!” is a delightful piece specially written for two special people, the very young Sophia Field and her young uncle, Uncle Chuck – the gutsy Charles Brice.


This book was completed thanks to the talent and generosity of graphic designer, Ben Hood. NOT FOR SALE

Uncertain Lives

This book is only for sale to people with connections to the company, knowledge of the family or have an interest in dystonia. 


The Kanceroo – Contents

The Kanceroo (Kangaroo) Fighting the cancer

The Cassoscary (Cassowary) Facing your fears

The Pelican’t (Pelican) Finding someone to help
Goannga (Goanna) The need to have and then to rid of your anger

The Fandicoot (Bandicoot) Finding a good friend

The Little R-egret (Little Egret) Having faith in the future

The Albatrosspital (Albatross) Having faith in and thanking the medical profession

The Koalalala (Koala) Overcoming waiting and boredom

The Numbutt (Numbat) Facing the fear of injections
The Pitypus (Platypus) Feeling sad is alright
The Kookaflurry (Kookaburra) Finding how to laugh after feeling sad
Bill B. Clown (Bilby) Cheering yourself and others up
The Skin … k (Skink) Looking after your skin
The Wallabe (Wallaby) Being confident, setting goals for the future

The Abalonely (Abalone) Rejecting a common negative approach

Wombattleon (Wombat) Wombattling on

The Hippolotofus (Hippopotamus?) Celebrating success!

That’s All for Nowl! (Owl) You’re still fighting Hurrah for you!

I’m Confused – Contents

I’m Confused (parts 1-2)
The Wedge Tailed Eagle (the observer me)
The Blue Ringed Octopus (the "let me be” me)
The Shingleback Skink (the sleepy me)
The Superb Lyrebird (the self-important me)
The Yabby (the crabby me)
The Saltwater Crocodile (the snappy me)
The Dingo (the "want to be free me”)
Father Emu (the responsible and irresponsible me)
The Spinifex Hopping Mouse (the "hard to see” me)
The Thylacine (the forgotten me)
and The Paradise Parrot (the forgotten me too)
Echidna (the shy me, the "waddle on by” me)
Sea Lion Pup (the unexpected me)
The Green Tree Frog (the aesthetically, "full of glee” me)
The Tasmanian Devil (the ferocious me)
The Frilled Neck Lizard (symbol of vanity, "shopping insanity” me)

I’m Confused (parts 3-6)

Characters Illustration