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Welcome to CJB's new home in Goolwa!
Caught Jester Books is the trading identity of me, Mike Riddle, scribbler, writer and 
with my practical, market-loving wife, Marie, independent book publisher.

Mike Riddle

Now we are six!  6 March 2017 was CJB's sixth birthday and we're at home, plotting and planning, in Goolwa, the charming, culturally vibrant town on the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

There remains a plethora of Naracoorte friends and acquaintances to reflect upon and value for their support of the company. Thank you! But we're now gathering "family" at all markets and appreciating the opportunity to interact with clubs and societies based on the southern coast - I'm especially enjoying the Sundays afternoons with Poets on the Fleurieu,a branch of The Friendly Street Poets.
Recent News

Hurrah for the Rotary Port Elliot and Goolwa Markets, the Willunga Quarry Market and the Meadows Easter Fair. CJB sampled the treat that was the Meadows experience for the last two days of Easter 2017. A treat because we were placed next to the Native Animal Network: three kangaroos, one euro, two ringtail possums, a galah and a balding sulphur-crested cockatoo and their carers, but more because we met some fantastic and interesting people of all ages, enough to make me determined to record.

CJB Publishing History
December 2010, "Uncle Chuck is my Hero!” was  produced as a gift for Charles Brice. 
Published in 2011:
"Missile Annie/Whinging William” (March)
"Miss Mumford's Mondays" (March)
"Three Cornered Hat" (July) "Simon Said" (December)
Harrison Hole Hero (March) Harrison Hole 8 (July)  Harrison Hole 8 1/2 (December)
Published in 2012:
"Wonderfully Imbecile" (March)
Published in 2013:
"The Kanceroo/"I'm Confused" (March) Illustrated by my immensely talented friend  Mandy Foot, this is the book I have most wanted to publish and will be the one I'll always cherish.
Published in 2015:
"one talk" (December) presents an amazing array of subjects and themes resulting from responding to the weird titles that flash into my head because of the prescription drugs I'm required to take. 

Published in 2016:

Animaulia launched 6 March, according to my sister, Susan, is the best work yet!

DISAPPOINTING NEWS: There is little hope that "Uncertain Lives", the story of Leanna (22) and Bethany (20) Mills from Newcastle who have suffered from the immensely cruel, at times life threatening, primary dystonia since their infancy, will be published. The  new house and the introduction of the NDIS has done much to improve the family's lifestyle, but while Bethany is mobile, Leanna's situation remains tragic. Reliant upon DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation), when the system breaks down so does their chance of a better life. The amazingly brave Leanna had her DBS removed and a new system reinserted in October 2014. Despite extensive searching funding for publishing the book has not been found.

Books to be seen in the future: 

"Man and Boy" is an anthology of short stories, flash fiction and poems that looks at the subject of males from different ages, memories, fears, desires and perspectives. 

"Man and Boy"  simply awaits a publisher, or when funding permits, self-publishing. This 
will be a book for adults because of the predominance of adult themes.

 Best News


If ordering on-line don't forget to tell us which market you attended, but whatever the case CJB will make sure you receive a truly amazing deal to match the truly amazing books.

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